About Us (Sean & Jen) and Lefty!

Sean and Jen

The Origins of Yeah, That Rabbit!™

Yeah, That Rabbit!™ revolves around creating meaningful, celebratory experiences that resonate with our community and showcase the very best of what Greenville has to offer.  The name is obviously a take on the popular slogan and local campaign; "Yeah, That Greenville!"

BUT, we want to build a brand in ways that are out of the ordinary. Because we are out of the ordinary. We're not content with boring concepts or overused catchphrases. We were raised on punk rock, vintage cartoons, and comic books. That history is our point-of-view as we celebrate the "weird, wild, and wonderful" that Greenville has to offer!

In other words, we solemnly swear to never use the phrase, "Live, Laugh, Love."

The Origins of Lefty™

This all started from of a desire to improve etiquette on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We noticed many trail-goers did not signal, "on your left!" while passing. After falling down a rabbit hole of endless creative possibilities, we saw the opening for a unique, community-driven mascot to champion the city of Greenville, South Carolina.

From that idea sprung Lefty™, our Fantastical Spokesrabbit!

Yeah, THAT Rabbit! Logo